Throne of Astrŏarchē


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ASIR 11:19
Old One, Mirror of the Sun: Come forth and follow! Rise, rise, to the sound of my voice… Hail Moon, Hail Moon Beneath the Earth. Rise, come forth and follow! Save me, deliver me - From the spirit that possesses me. I am the One who comes to claim the head! I am the One who would consume the Sun! I call upon Thee With An Empty Spirit! Oh, awesome and unseen god. Bornless One, Grant me sight in the soles of my feet. Old One, Mirror of the Sun: Come! Come forth and follow… My name is A Heart Encircled with a Serpent. Rise, rise, to the sound of my voice. Nameless Moon who dreams in the Deep: rise! My name is A Heart Encircled by a Serpent.
BAETYL 14:57


Between the shimmering celestial wastes of the Great Above and the dark-walled house of souls in the Great Below, the ancient stone stands sentient. The primordial waters whisper the name of a long-forgotten goddess, brackish waves resurrecting her sunken throne. This libation of brine and stardust, conjured and called forth by ASHTORETH and CHTHONIA is a dark ambient, devotional dreamscape, dedicated not only to the Queen of the Stars and her mirror image who dwells beneath the sea, but to all the hidden gods who have been lost within the ocean of time.


released April 23, 2020

All music was written, performed and recorded by ASHTORETH & CHTHONIA
In Antwerp, Belgium and New Plymouth, New Zealand; during Winter 2019 / 2020
ASHTORETH: Vocals, guitar & percussion.
CHTHONIA: Vocals, synth & tambourine.

Mixed by Peter Verwimp
Mastering by Ronald Mariën (Stratosphere)
Artwork & Video by Circle of Wolves

from Merchants of Air:

`You can feel this music pierce your consciousness, face your demons and battle your ego. Meditation music for the dark minded.`

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from Luminous Dash:

`This album contains four tracks that emit an unlikely buzzing darkness. With the mysterious voice and vocals of Chthonia and the terrifying throat sounds of Verwimp, dystopian worlds are created that float on a sonic carpet of drones and soundscapes. Both artists let their ritual-filled emotions merge into deep echoing waves of mystery.
The collaboration of Chthonia and ASHTORETH on Throne of Astrŏarchē gave us goosebumps. We cannot deny that this edition is a small dark ritual ambient masterpiece.`

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from Dark Entries:
`We saw in Ashtoreth an artist that was getting better and better after each album , and inevitable there is an end to such evolution. but that moment is not yet in sight, on the contrary!`

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From de
`It is jet black, feverish and of a surreal splendor, with the vocals or more vocals creating a mysterious atmosphere. It's like being at the cutting edge of In Slaughter Natives, S.P.K., Dirk Serries, Wardruna and Giulio Aldinucci. They bring 4 impressive, mesmerizing soundtracks for the night, which often make you gasp.`
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ASHTORETH Antwerp, Belgium

ASHTORETH is a project in a search of a shamanistic perspective, channeling at times minimal, meditative drones; and at others a catharsis of doom, noise and experimentation touching upon folk, post rock, psychedelica and more. Always in a free form.

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